Wall Panels & Wall Systems

RGA Wordworking’s custom wall panels offer a variety of finishes, in standard and made-to-order choices, that can help define your space. From woods to fabrics and metals to translucent plastics, RGA can custom design a wall system that will meet your design ideas.

RGA’s Custom paneling is labor and cost effective,and we can easily create custom components including baseboards, rails, stiles, panels, caps to create a visually interesting or historically accurate look. Each component can be custom cut and fitted to meet your requirements.

RGA’s Custom Designer Doors

Custom Designer Doors are statement pieces that can quickly give your surroundings an upscale finish. A simple door with nice designer door hardware will quietly add a distinct look to your space. Elegant and modern, a designer door will quickly raise your interior decorating stock. You want a look you can appreciate, day after day. Modern interiors are timeless; there is no time period that won’t be enhanced by its clean lines and subtle simplicity. When choosing a designer door, there is a vast selection of textures, colors and finishes to complete your design concept.

Modern Doors

Our Modern Doors come in all styles – invisible, frame-less, flush, sliding, pocket and bi-fold are just some of the options available. Barn doors, which are the latest design trend, come in wood or glass and add a completely different optic and aesthetic. Little touches that won’t be seen, such as modern invisible hinges and magnetic door locks will only add to the uniqueness of your door.

Make any wall an accent wall!

RGA’s 3D panels are contemporary wall design patterns and decorating material that are truly unique and elegant. 3D wall panels can compliment virtually any indoor commercial environment and will help to create a colourful and contemporary space. It is modern, simple and economical decorating material that can be installed quickly and painted in any color to complement interior.

RGA’s 3D wall panels will bring your walls to life!